Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Best Fashion Subscription Box

There are so many fashion subscription boxes out there right now and I have tried my fair share of them.  Trendsend, by Evereve, is the only one I've stuck with and keep getting excited for every single month.

I have been doing Trendsend now for almost 10 months.  I love that I can try different fashion trends that I wouldn't normally pick out in the store myself.  There have been a hand full of pieces I've received that I would have never picked up in the store, as well as pieces I probably never would have even noticed.   Plus I love what Evereve stands for, they are all about MOMs!!  How amazing is that!!

Megan, the CEO and Owner (and mom herself) writes,

Because you are always taking care of others, this store takes care of you.  Because you are busy juggling a million different things, I wanted to create a clothing store that makes shopping easy, helpful, and fun - where kids, girlfriends, and husbands are welcome.

If you're not familiar with the whole subscription box thing, basically, you fill out a style profile on their website.  A stylist from one of the Evereve stores will gather pieces they think you will love and send them straight to your door.  Usually 3-4 different outfits that can include jackets, shirts, pants, jeans, jewelry and other accessories.  Pick the items you love and want to keep, and send the items you don't want back to the store in a prepaid envelope given to you in your box.  You will then be charged for the items you keep!  Easy as that!

All their clothing is functional, stylish, comfy, and a lot of it can be dressed up or down making it so transitional.

A few more things I love about the Trendsend subscription box:

1.  There is no styling fee.  There is no fee for having your box delivered, so even if you don't end up keeping anything, you don't pay a penny!

2.  The style profile is very detailed, and there's plenty of opportunity to explain exactly what you're looking for or what your personal style is.

3.  The personal stylists care!  The girls who style your boxes will periodically contact you to make sure they are giving you exactly what you want.  If there are any certain pieces you've been wanting to try, they'll make sure to get those, or pieces similar, out in your next box.

3.  They really do check out your social media sites.  In the style profile there is a section to link your social media sites - FB, Blog, Pinterest, Instagram etc - and your stylist will actually look at your sites to get a feel of what your style is and how they can incorporate great pieces in to your wardrobe.

4.  They are awesome at getting new pieces in to your box before they sell out in stores.  This way you don't miss out on new items and you can still get them while they're hot!

5.  You will also get sale items.  I love that they will incorporate sale items.  Some months I'm on more of a budget than other months and so having options for items I can save money on is a huge plus!

Check out what I got in my most recent Trendsend Box!!

I actually got this skirt in a Trendsend box not too long after Taylor was born.  I loved the skirt so much but it just wasn't right for my body type at the time - I was still losing baby weight and things just weren't where they were supposed to be haha!  So I ended up sending the skirt back.  Recently, I  saw on the Evereve website the skirt was still in stock AND on sale so I asked my stylist if I could try it again.  Sure enough, I still love it and this time it fits great!
You can find the skirt on sale HERE!

This sweater is one of those pieces I probably would have passed on in store.  Aside from sweatshirts, I was weary of the whole off the shoulder trend.  I'm so glad I received it because I instantly fell in love!  In my style profile I put that I'm a size small in tops but really like the oversized look with sweaters so I'm glad she sent me a medium, its perfect!
You can find this sweater HERE!

This is another piece I requested.  Again, I didn't' specify a size, I was sent a medium and its perfect!  To me, it shows my stylist knows what pieces will look good oversized and what pieces I would need to keep fitted.  The bralette is also from Evereve, however its from last year.  They still have so many beautiful colors to choose from...I'm thinking I may need a few more :)  
You can find this sweatshirt HERE!

Not shown are a couple other tops and a hat I was sent but I ended ups ending those items back.  I love the items I've received and I can't wait till next month's box!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Packing Wish List

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I've been skimming Instagram, Pinterest and blogs every day looking for things I want to pack for our Vacation and I have to say, I'm a bit overwhelmed!  It's been so long since I've been on a real vacation, it's tough to plan out every outfit, for ever day, and every event!  So instead of trying to make my decisions now, I've decided to start a Pinterest page to save all my potential purchases.  I'm  gathering all items I see to my "wish list" and then plan to narrow things down from there.  EEEZY-PEEZY!!!

We will be staying at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa.  We plan on flying in to San Diego first to stay with Dan's sister for a couple days and drop Taylor off, she has been gracious enough to offer to watch Taylor while we are in Kauai.  This will be our first trip without Taylor so I'm sure I will be an emotional wreck!  Any tips on how to handle your first time away from baby??

The day we arrive in Kaui there will be a welcome reception for all travelers.  We plan on trying to get there as early as possible so we can explore and get setteled in before meeting everyone for dinner.  The next day we opted not to do any of the planned events during the day so we could do our own thing.  I'm thinking maybe zip lining or cliff diving...although I'm not sure if I'll actually have the guts to do either!  That night there will for a Gala for everyone to celebrate all their amazing achievements.  I'm not sure how dressy that night will be so I may need a pretty, Hawaiian themed dress for that night, still looking for something that catches my eye!

The next day Dan will be golfing with co-workers while I'm at the spa.  I can't wait for such a relaxing day.   I also plan to lounge by the pool or beach after since I'm sure Dan will be playing 18-27 holes which can take 4-6 hours at least.  Then Wednesday we signed up for the Na Pali Rafting Excursion!  I have no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it will be an amazing experience.  Thursday we will be flying back to San Diego to pick up Taylor and then back home on Friday - which is good timing to give us some rest before going back to work on Monday.

I've gathered a few items I've pinned so far to my vacation Pinterest board above.  Check out a ton of other items I've saved to my board HERE, I add to it almost everyday!

If anyone has any "must buy" ideas please let me know!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cute SwimSuit + Baby Swim Lessons!

It was Taylor's first swimming class!!  She has yet to crawl, so I thought swimming may help with her movement and muscle building.  She loved it!!  I was dreading the whole, dunking them under thing, but it was actually much easier than I expected (for me and her).  Her class was a free infant clinic at Swimtastic Swim School for parents and kids who are thinking about signing up for classes.  I'm so glad we did it!  This way we could see what the class was all about and how she would be learning before making the full commitment and spending the $$$ for a full 12 week class.  

I wish I could show some video but unfortunately they all show other parents/children in the class and out of respect, I don't want to post without permission.  Here are the few I could post, the lighting was awful so I apologize for the quality of photo!!  More photos of swim school to come when she starts her 12 weeks!!

On a side note, I am absolutely in love with the swimsuits I got Taylor and the cute, vintage-floral one for myself.  Mine was only $18!!!

You can find my suit HERE // Other Favs HERE & HERE // Taylor's suits HERE & HERE

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!